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How the Evolution of Mobile Phone Affect People Communicate

How the evolution of mobile phone change the way people communicate? Previously, people used to communicate with some of the earliest forms of communication devices included smoke signal, morse code, and pigeons. With all these communication devices, messages probably need weeks or months to reaching its destination. With the invention of mobile phone, all you have to do these days is send a text or make a call and your message will reach its destination within minutes. THE EVOLUTION OF MOBILE PHONE Nowadays, mobile phone is no longer a want but is a need.Everyone including people from teenagers to old people has a personal cell phone of their own on their hands. You couldn’t imagine how a mobile phone looks like in the past; it is totally different from now. Improved technology has made a great change in the history of mobile phones, transforming the huge mobile phones into sleek and stylish smartphones we carry with us now. Let’s take a look at how mobile phones devel oped from the bulky walkie-talkie look to today’s swipe-savvy descendants. Previously, a mobile phone use to be like this. The design is huge and with a long antenna.A few years later, mobile phones became a little more defined and better looking than how they were before. Antennas were shortened and the designs modified. Only text messaging service and voice call service are included in the function of mobile phone. Besides making a call and texting a message, there is nothing else a mobile phone can do. In 2000, the world’s first touchscreen phone has been invented. More and more advanced technology was included in this world’s first touch screen phone. Besides than making a call and text a message, user can also get entertained from the phone.There are some simple games included in the phone and a lot of simple applications such as a calendar and a calculator. The image shows a Motorola phone which has a simple black and white touchscreen. Next,  technology has undergone a big change in history of mobile phones, putting a colour display and integrating camera to mobile phones, producing the mobile phone with a basic camera. Users can take pictures on the spot when needed with the phone and they need not to carry a digital camera with them wherever they go. Sooner, mobile phones are no longer limited to single screen.This model has a small screen on the outside to notify calls and text messages coming in, and a big screen on the inner for the user to type messages and carry out other functions of the phone. There are some mobile phones built for delivering great music. A button for music playback and memory support has made the gadget become a great gadget for enjoying music anytime and anywhere. Now, is the time to talk about the most popular phone used by many of us nowadays. There are many company compete in producing smartphones such as Samsung, Apple, Blackberry and so on.All this advanced touchscreen smartphone are operated by iO S or android, enabling a lot of apps to run on the smartphone. Apps are available in many categories such as games, book, business, communication, education, travel, music and so on. This has make smartphone become a multifunctional device that you must carry with you all the time. You can contact to each other as easy as ABC Evolution of mobile phone has changed our communication easier. With the basic function of making a voice call and text messaging service, we can keep in touch with our loved ones.Look at the past, we communicate with each other by letter, and it takes long time to receive. For example, if your loved one had moved to a country far from you to pursue his or her study, and both of you only can communicate with each other by letters. It took a few weeks for a letter to reach to your loved one and a few weeks later for the letter to reach back to you again. This is a waste of time and money. The cost of sending a letter overseas is quite expensive if you regularly contact with each other by letter.But now we have mobile phones, we can connect to each other in a second. By just a click on the tip of your hand, you can have a voice call or a text message to your loved one. It is easy and cost effective. In recent years, mobile phones have become a basic part of life as the number of users of mobile phones has increased. Also, mobile phones are cheap to purchase. There are many reasons why people support and use mobile phones. Millions of other people also support for similar reasons. For example, many people around the world like to use the mobile phone for social networking.There are a lot of social networking websites available on mobile phone nowadays. Some of the examples are Facebook, Twitter, Skype. With smartphone operated by android system, users can even have multiple social networking applications such as Viber, Whatsapp, Line and many others. If there is a need to talk to friends or families, you can do it from anyplace and at any ti me. Some of it can also find the friends that had already lost contact and keep in touch again. Besides, you can also take pictures of where you are or what you are doing and post this information to your mobile phone.You can update photos or videos and show your friends and family what you are doing. This ensured the relationship between you and your friend and between you and your family will be maintained with the power of mobile phone. Mobile phone has change our language Have you ever noticed how the usage of mobile phone has changed our language? On Facebook you â€Å"like† things. Like is a great word but now it is used for much more. And you also â€Å"comment† on things. All these words may be familiar to us in our life but now when you hear these words you will automatically think of Facebook.In our daily conversation, we may also use â€Å"like† to express that we agree on something. For example, when your friend said something that you think is very true, you will say: I wish to give you a â€Å"like†. This shows that how a simple word has a different meaning when we expose to mobile phone frequently. We also use letters for phrases rather than typing the whole thing out. Many people have been using abbreviations when texting with other people such as LOL, BRB, ASAP, OMG and so on. For individuals who are unfamiliar with these abbreviations, the message will become unclear.Table 1 : Some of the common shortcut used Shortcut| Original Phrases| BRB| Be right back| ASAP| As soon as possible| OMG| Oh my God| LOL| Laughing out loud| L8R| Later| BTW| By the way| 2MORO| Tomorrow| 2NITE| Tonight| The term â€Å"Google† is actually a search engine but now it also function as a verb. For example, when you look something up, you tell people you googled it. The interesting part is that people will exactly understand it. They wouldn’t misunderstand that you looked at someone. They will know that you researched something on the search engine.It changed the way people interact with each other Truth be told, almost everything can be done through the mobile phone nowadays. It started with online shopping where people can now just hold the phone on their hand and buy whatever they what easily. And then came mobile banking, as security became better and better, so did the people’s trust in providing their bank details and doing their banking transactions with their mobile phone. Breakdown of Communication One of the greatest disadvantages of the mobile phone is the fact that we do not talk to strangers when traveling anymore.In the past, several people waiting for a bus would engage in a conversation while they were waiting. People who travelled the same routes every day might develop friendships along the way. This situation does not happen anymore. Today when people are waiting for a bus, they just pull out their mobile phones and speak with old friends, missing out on the opportunity to make n ew ones. In large cities, many people do not know their neighbours, even though they may have lived in the same neighbourhood for years.As a society, we are beginning to lose the face-to-face contact that was such an important part of our lives in the past. Communication is at the core of every relationship, personal or professional, that you hold in life. A breakdown of communication caused by technology can affect your job, your friendships, your relationship with others, and your family relationships. In face to face communication your nonverbal communication, like facial expressions and body language, reinforce the tone of your message.These nonverbal indicators do not exist with technology based communication, making your message more likely to be misinterpreted. The user of mobile phone increases significantly from year to year. More and more people use mobile phone to keep in touch with family, friends, online shopping and even conduct business. The statistics shows how human communication has changed in recent years: 2006 Text Messages: 158 billion MMS Messages: 2. 7 billion Voice Minutes: 1. 7 trillion Cell phone subscribers: 233,041,000 Land lines: 140 millionTwitter Accounts: just launched that July Facebook accounts: 12 million Skype accounts: 171 million 2010 Text Messages: 2. 052 trillion MMS Messages: 56. 6 billion Voice Minutes: 2. 241 trillion Cell Phone Subscribers: 302. 9 million Land lines: 153 million at the end of 2009, (but losing 700,000 a month) Twitter accounts: 175 million Facebook accounts: 500 million Skype accounts: 560 million In a nutshell, the evolution of mobile phone has change the way people communicate. The effects come on both positive and negative side.In positive side, mobile phone has make the world seems smaller and smaller because everyone can easily connected no matter where there are. Family and friends can keep in touch can up to date to the latest news. On the other hand, mobile phone also caused some form of comm unication breakdown. Face to face interaction has slowly being eliminated. Everyone seems need to be connected through the mobile phone and live in a virtual world. However, as long as we use mobile phone wisely, we can still maximize the function of a mobile phone to optimum.

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Sociology Sociological And Scientific Study Of Human...

Given the many theories and ideas that have influenced the development of sociology, it is possible to misunderstand what sociology truly means. As humanity enters into the 21st century, the study of society has become more relevant than ever. In this day and age where everybody is part of a society, it is crucial to understand the social dynamics invisible to the naked eye. Sociology provides critical insight into what problems our world currently faces and what we can do to prevent further problems. Daily life can be examined using sociological lenses to better understand the ever-changing world we currently live in. By understanding sociology, one will be able to better see the pillars of society that they unintentionally promote and can give valuable insight into other cultures and their ways of life. Given the many views on sociology, one’s idea of what it truly stands for can be easily distorted. While by definition, it is the systematic and scientific study of human behavior and social interaction (Kendall, Linden, Lothian, 2014), it is far more complex than that. Sociologists study interpersonal interactions, and are able to identify the relationships between an individual’s experience and the society they are a part of. This is commonly known as the sociological imagination (Mills, 1959). The sociological imagination can assist us in identifying whether or not the scenario being studied is a personal trouble or a social issue. This ability is extremely importantShow MoreRelatedLike Any Scientific Discipline, Sociology Has Its Own Object1455 Words   |  6 PagesLike any scientific discipline, sociology has its own object and subject of research. The object is understood as the sphere of reality that is to be studied, and to this the research is directed. Conse quently, the object of sociology is society. But society is explored by many disciplines, such as history, philosophy, economics, political science, etc. At the same time, each of the named social sciences distinguishes its specific aspects, the properties of the object, which become the subject ofRead MoreSociology 210 Study Guide1129 Words   |  5 PagesChapter One: The Sociological Perspective I. The Sociological Perspective. A. Sociology is the systematic study of human society. B. The sociological perspective (Berger, 1963) helps us to see general social patterns in the behavior of particular individuals (the general in the particular). C. It also encourages us to realize that society guides our thoughts and deeds — to see the strange in the familiar (Berger, 1963). D. Sociology also encourages us to see personal choice in social context. Read MoreWhat Is Sociology?1062 Words   |  5 PagesWhat is sociology? We can start by saying that sociology is the systematic study of human society. Sociology should be more than you find in a good documentary on a social issue. It is certainly more than listings of facts and figures about society. Instead it becomes a form of consciousness a way of thinking, a critical way of seeing the social. Seeing the general in the particular. In his short book ‘Invitation to Sociology’(1963) characterized the sociological perspective as seeing the generalRead MoreSociological Theories and Theorists1274 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Origins of sociological thinking can be traced to the scientific revolution in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century† (Kendall 11). In this time, great store was put on one’s possession of critical reasoning and experiences. In France the Enlightenment was dominated by a group called philosophes; these men believed that human society could be improved through scientific discoveries (Kendall 11). In France during this time period women were excluded from public life, but some women wereRead MoreSociological Perspectives On The Sociological Perspective1178 Words   |  5 PagesThe Sociological Perspective is a behavior that connects one with society. As written in the textbook Society the Basics, sociological perspective is also defined as â€Å"seeing the general in the particular† (Berger, 1963). A major part of being a sociologist is finding patterns in everyday life. As an ordinary person, finding patterns is almost a natural instinct. Every individual falls into a category, whether how unique they claim to be. Individuals can be categorized by race, class, sexual orientationRead MoreSociology and Sociological Imagination978 Words   |  4 PagesSocial Issue Sociology and Sociological imagination Sociology is the scientific study of human behavior in a social context that looks the values, attitudes and composition of a given society. Sociology looks at the religious believes, economic aspects, daily activities and political arrangements interact to build a society (Dillon, 2009). The examination of people considering the social forces shaping their attitude and behavior is what C. Wright Mills referred to as sociological imaginationRead Morefactors that contributed to the rise and development of sociology1511 Words   |  7 Pagescontributed to the rise of sociology and the latter`s development. In simply terms, sociology is the scientific study of the society and human behavior. The emergence of sociology traces back to the eighteenth century up to present day. Johnson (1998) suggests that in summary, the rise and development of sociology is based on political, economic, demographic, social and scientific changes. Ritzer (2008) asserts that the immediate cause for the beginning of sociology were political unrests especiallyRead MoreCritical Theory, Functionalism And Symbolic Interactionism Essay1351 Words   |  6 PagesIn sociology, there are three major theories; critical theory, functionalism and symbolic interactionism. These theories express the structure of society in which each theory looks at a different aspects of sociology. Sociologists apply these theories in the study of society, but it becomes difficult if only one theory is applied. For that one applied theory, would only look at the aspect to which it is confined to. To successfully study sociology all three theories must be applied together. CriticalRead MoreSociology : An American Sociologist C. Wright Mills1204 Words   |  5 Pages1. Sociology is a science which study on relationship between the self and the society and their influences on each other. In order to survive we need each other. We cannot live by our own, so we are not independent individuals in the sociological world. Sociology also helps us to recognize our position in the society by our â€Å"sociological imagination.† An American sociologist C. Wright Mills created the term sociological imagination to know our interdependent relationship between who we are as individualRead MoreIs Sociology a Science? Essay1956 Words   |  8 Pagespractical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment (Oxford dictionary). This crude definition is elaborated further by a world-famous sociologist Anthony Giddens as ‘the scientific study of human social life, g roups, and societies. It is dazzling and compelling enterprise, as its subject matter is our own behavior as social beings. The scope of sociological study is extremely wide, ranging from the analysis

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Women in Society in Virgil´s Aeneid - 699 Words

Virgil’s Aeneid was to Rome what the Illiad and Odyssey were to Greece, a long narrative that triumphantly related heroic events in an elevated style. While Virgil’s main reason for writing The Aeneid was to foreshadow the coming of Augustus and legitimize his rule over Rome, an underlying theme in this epic is a presence of power among women. Few of Virgil’s women characters fit the common weak and passive stereotype; instead, many are quick to react, extremely emotional and very opinionated. While in a position of power, three of Virgil’s main female characters, Dido, Venus and Juno, allow their emotions to dictate many of their decisions and reactions on matters, thus projecting a common stereotype of how women are viewed in society. Among the three women, Dido’s story may add the most fuel to the stereotypically, ‘emotional women do drastic things’ fire. Though the fact is only known in book IV, Aeneas and Dido engaged in a great lo ve affair, somewhat to people’s dismay as many citizens felt the two had succumbed to lust and begun neglecting their duties as rulers. Jupiter has made sure Aeneas knows his true destiny and that he must set sail for Italy immediately. Aeneas’ attempt to sail away in secret is thwarted and Dido learns of his plans and confronts him, â€Å"Yet if the virtuous gods have power, I hope that you will drain the cup of suffering among the reefs, and call out Dido’s name again and again. Absent, I’ll follow you with dark fires, and when icy death hasShow MoreRelatedAeneid Analysis789 Words   |  4 PagesAeneid By Virgil Written 19 B.C.E Translated by John Dryden Analysis Jazymn Talley SNHU Analysis The intention of Virgil s poem, Aeneid, is to romanticize the origins of the Roman Empire. Aeneid shares many characteristic to Grecian writer Homer s Epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey. Much of Roman culture is modeled after or inspired by the Greeks, especially the arts. Roman art, writings, religion, and celebrations were on the rise as they experienced a time of rest, enabling themRead MoreThe Aeneid By Virgil. Johan Sunesson1701 Words   |  7 PagesThe Aeneid by Virgil Johan Sunesson The Aeneid, written around 20 BC is widely considered to be virgil’s greatest work. The Aeneid is a epic poem, following the adventures of the great Aeneas, as well as the central role he played in the founding of the Roman State. The character of Aeneas had been a known legend long before the Aeneid was composed, having been a character in the Iliad. Virgil took the myth of Aeneas and tied him together with the founding of the Roman State. Aeneas is bothRead MoreOdyssey And Aeneid, Hermes And Mercury1761 Words   |  8 PagesIn Odyssey and Aeneid, Hermes and Mercury represent similar perceptions of love along with differing belief concerning obligation to the Voice of God. Homer and Virgil think compulsion and love do connect. Homer thinks that despite the fact the gods constantly get their way, human can resist. On the other hand, Virgil believes humans should always get orders from the immortals. One can compare Homer and Virgil s famous narrative of love. However, In today s culture still question the unquestionabilityRead MoreThe Epic Of Gilgamesh And The Iliad1412 Words   |  6 Pagesand spiritual benefits; those that do not are punished accordingly. This relationship is clearly evident in the ancient Sumerian epic poem, The Epic of Gilgamesh, Homer’s ancient Greek epic poem, The Iliad, and Virgil’s ancient Roman epic poem, The Aeneid. This paper will argue that these texts show that honor i s attainable only through pietas. It will conclude that complete commitment to pietas ultimately promotes personal growth through the renouncement of earthly desires. The Epic of Gilgamesh stronglyRead MoreThe Epic Of Gilgamesh 1523 Words   |  7 PagesCity state of Uruk. Gilgamesh is presented as the strongest and handsome man in the world but this makes the king feel superior to his subjects.’ Gilgamesh exploits young men through tiresome activities. In addition, Gilgamesh sexually exploits young women in his Kingdom until the residents of Urk cannot take any more and prays to gods for deliverance. The god Adu hears the residents’ travails and commands the goddess Aruru to revenge by creating another man with same supernatural powers as GilgameshRead MoreEssay about Epic Conventions Applied in The Faerie Queene1711 Words   |  7 Pagesnational epic works, English writers feel the lack of epic writer figure such as Homer of Greeks, or Virgil of Latins in their literature and this obligates them to focus on writing in epic genre and this need causes them to complain about this absence more frequently. For instance, Edmund Spenser claims in one of his pastoral, The Shepheardes Calender, as if a poet wants to be master in poetry, s/he has to abandon writing the basic forms of poetry such as pastoral and has to write an epic then his/herRead MoreRoman Artists And His Influence On The Public s Opinion On Prominent Figures And Political Issues3265 Words   |  14 PagesPlautus also brings to light the aggressive nature and negative qualities of powerful figures. Statues were not the only way that Augustus’s image was promoted; Poetry was a prominent form of literary work at the time and served to manipulate people s perspective on political figures. After Augustus’s great feat against Mark Antony strove restore peace to Rome. He made himself the emperor of Rome, gaining complete power. Despite his power and hope for a renewed Rome, the chaos that Augustus’s reignRead MoreLiterary Group in British Poetry5631 Words   |  23 Pages3.2 The Elizabethans 3.2.1 Elizabethan Song 3.2.2 Courtly poetry 3.2.3 Classicism 3.3 Jacobean and Caroline poetry 3.3.1 The Metaphysical poets 3.3.2 The Cavalier poets 4 The Restoration and 18th century 4.1 Satire 4.2 18th century classicism 4.3 Women poets in the 18th century 4.4 The late 18th century 5 The Romantic movement 6 Victorian poetry 6.1 High Victorian poetry 6.2 Pre-Raphaelites, arts and crafts, Aestheticism, and the Yellow 1890s 6.3 Comic verse 7 The 20th century 7.1 The first threeRead More Francescas Style in Canto V of Dantes Inferno Essay5060 Words   |  21 Pagesdiscourse is discounted, for it can only belong to the unholy family of already discredited sinners  «che la ragion sommettono al talento » (v. 39). This pre-established context, along with Virgils accounts of how passion ruled the lives of wanton women from Semiramis to Dido, to Cleopatra, to Helen, prepares the reader for a voice of special pleading, a petulant or childish voice characterized by trembling adolescent passion ( «la bocca mi bascià ² tutto tremante », v. 136) rather than by logic. Read MoreGreek Mythology8088 Words   |  33 Pages  Greece.   Nimatallah/Art  Resource,  NY   Greek  mythology  has  several  distinguishing  characteristics,  in  addition  to  its  multiple  versions.  The   Greek  gods  resembled  human  beings  in  their  form  and  in  their  emotions,  and  they  lived  in  a  society   that  resembled  human  society  in  its  levels  of  authority  and  power.  However,  a  crucial  difference   existed  between  gods  and  human  beings:  Humans  died,  and  gods  were  immortal.  Heroes  also  played   an  important  role  in  Greek  mythology,  and  stories  about  them  conveyed  serious  themes

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Sir Gawain And The Green Knight - 927 Words

Both Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and The Franklin’s Tale are set in a world where the laws of nature and order are turned upside down through the use of magic. In this Medieval world, death is escaped, men have the ability to shapeshift, and the impossible becomes entirely possible. What the Christian God set as earthly law, magic, created by the devil himself, subverts into illogical manifestations. Through their works, the authors of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and The Franklin’s Tale portray magic and the devil, whose ultimate scheme is to separate humankind from the Christian God by, as being inextricably intertwined. In both texts, magic is used to engage a faithful vassal and/or Christian in a supernatural demonstration in order to incite doubt or fear, thus subverting the power of their lord and/or the Christian God and tricking the faithful into abandoning faith and virtue. In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, magic is not only used to wreak havoc in King Arthur’s court, but used as an attempt to corrupt the morality and faith of King Arthur’s and God’s most loyal subject, Sir Gawain. In the text, Sir Gawain is characterized as the paragon of virtue and faith. According to the Pearl Poet, â€Å"The fifth five I find the famous man practised Were - Liberality and Lovingkindness leading the rest; Then his Continence and Courtesy, which were never corrupted; And Piety, the surpassing virtue. These pure five Were more firmly fixed on that fine man Than on anyShow MoreRelatedSir Gawain And The Green Knight1359 Words   |  6 PagesIn the poem â€Å"Sir Gawain and The Green Knight,† a protagonist emerges depicting an Arthurian knight named Sir Gawain. Sir Gawain, King Arthur’s nephew, takes initiative by accepting the challenge requested by the Green Knight in place of his uncle. He undergoes a perilous adventure, seeking for the Green Knight to receive the final blow. Although Sir Gawain is not viewed as a hero for his military accomplishments, he is, however, viewed as a heroic figure by the Knights at the Round Table for hisRead MoreSir Gawain And The Green Knight862 Words   |  4 PagesIn Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, by an unknown author referred to as the â€Å"Pearl Poet,† we are introduced to Sir Gawain. Gawain is a knight of the Round Table and he is also the nephew of King Arthur. As a knight, Gawain is expected to possess and abide by many chivalrous facets. Throughout the poem he portrays m any of the qualities a knight should possess, such as bravery, courtesy, and honor among others. Because of his ability to possess these virtues even when tempted to stray away from themRead MoreSir Gawain and the Green Knight1100 Words   |  5 PagesThe poem of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight compares a super natural creature to nature. The mystery of the poem is ironic to the anonymous author. The story dates back into the fourteenth century, but no one knows who originally wrote the poem. This unknown author explains in the poem of Sir Gawain not knowing of the location of the Green Chapel and or who the Green Knight really is. This keeps the reader entertained with the suspicion of not knowing. The author then does not give his name orRead MoreSir Gawain And The Green Knight Essay1687 Words   |  7 PagesSir Gawain and the Green Knight contains ambiguity and irony that make it interesting to read and teach. Gawain’s conflict arose when he accepted the girdle that co uld protect him and when he lied to his host, severing fellowship with the lord for courtesy with the lady. By utilizing a social reconstructionist philosophy of teaching that emphasizes personal beliefs and ethics, a teacher will help the students establish their identities and learn to appreciate classic literature. Sir Gawain and theRead MoreSir Gawain And The Green Knight1514 Words   |  7 PagesSir Gawain and the Green Knight is an epic poem written in the mid to late fourteenth century by an unknown author. Throughout the tale, Sir Gawain, a Knight at the Round Table in Camelot, is presented with many hardships, the first being a challenge on Christmas by a man in which, â€Å"Everything about him was an elegant green† (161). This â€Å"Green Knight† challenged someone in Camelot to accept his game which they will chop off his head with his axe and the Green Knight will do the same to the playerRead MoreSir Gawain And The Green Knight1335 Words   |  6 Pages Sir Gawain: The Ironic Knight Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a tale of the utmost irony in which Sir Gawain, the most loyal and courteous of all of King Arthur’s knights, fails utterly to be loyal and courteous to his king, his host, his vows, and his God. In each case, Sir Gawain not only fails to perform well, but performs particularly poorly, especially in the case of his relationship with God. Ultimately, Sir Gawain chooses magic over faith, and by doing so, shows his ironic nature as aRead MoreSir Gawain And The Green Knight906 Words   |  4 Pagesusually the latter. In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight we see Sir Bertilak go off to hunt three very specific animals as a game with Sir Gawain. They agree that â€Å"what ever [Bertilak catches] in the wood shall become [Sir Gawain’s], and what ever mishap comes [Sir Gawain’s] way will be given to [Bertilak] in exchange.† (Sir Gawain†¦, ln 1105-1007). In this deal we slowly see Gawain loose his honor as paralleled with Sir B ertilak’s hunt. The first animal that is hunted by the knight is a deer, while thisRead MoreSir Gawain And The Green Knight Essay1521 Words   |  7 PagesFall 16 Donnelly Many years ago, knights were expected to form a certain type of relationship with their king, this relationship was otherwise known as fealty. Fealty is a knight’s sworn loyalty to their king (in other words a loyal relationship should be formed between the two). The use of this relationship is shown in the poem called â€Å"Sir Gawain and the Green Knight† ( the author is unknown). This poem has a classic quest type of formula, with a knight receiving a challenge and then going outRead MoreSir Gawain And The Green Knight1455 Words   |  6 PagesHowever, for Gawain in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight temptation existed around every corner while he was playing the game of the Green Knight. Temptation existed every day and each day it existed in a new way. Gawain never knew what was coming his way throughout the grand scheme of the game, but one thing was for certain he was being tested. Without his reliance religious faith and dedication to his reputation, Gawain wo uld not have been able to make it through the game of the Green Knight alive andRead MoreSir Gawain And The Green Knight Essay1020 Words   |  5 PagesBoth Sir Gawain, from â€Å"Sir Gawain and the Green Knight† translated by Marie Borroff, and Beowulf, from Beowulf translated by Burton Raffel, serve as heroes in different times of Medieval English Literature. Many of the basic principles that describe heroes in Medieval Literature are seen in both of these characters even though they were written in different times. There are distinct similarities, differences, and also a progression of what the hero was in English literature, between Sir Gawain and

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Differentiating Between Market Structures Free Essays

Public goods are goods from which the whole community can take benefit without the need of purchasing them. Private goods on contrast are ones from which the public can only take benefit by purchasing them. And it holds no external benefit for others. We will write a custom essay sample on Differentiating Between Market Structures or any similar topic only for you Order Now Public goods are more to do with government actions, while markets can efficiently allocate private goods. Ten loaves of bread can be divided in many ways but others cannot take benefit of the loaf I eat. I pay for it and thus only I can benefit from it as it’s a private good. On the other hand national defense once provided, affects everyone equally. Nothing would change the amount of national security being provided. It’s the same for all (Blurt it, 2009). Common resources are goods that are rival but not excludable. This means that the fishes in the ocean for example are rivalries because when a person catches the fish, there are fewer fish for the next person to catch whereas they aren’t excludable because it is difficult to stop people from fishing. Public goods and common resources are both available to all. Natural monopoly exists as a result of high fixed costs operating in an industry. It’s a situation where for technical reasons there cannot be more than one provider of a good. Public utilities are usually considered to be natural monopolies. Basically, private goods are those that are excludable and rival both. Public goods are which are neither excludable nor rival. Common resources are rival but not excludable and lastly the natural monopolies consist of goods that are excludable but not rival. The demand and supply of labor are determined in labor market. The participants in the labor market are workers. Workers supply labor to firm in exchange for wages. Firms demand labor from workers in exchange for wages. The labor demand is the amount of labor a firm is willing to employ at a given point in time. This type of demand may not necessarily be in long-run equilibrium and is determined by the real wage, this labor is paid willingly by the firms and the amount of labor the workers are willing to supply at that wage. The labor supply in a market is the number of workforce available or the human resources in a particular labor market. The supply of labor is the number of hours the workers work at a given real wage rate. An increased wage rate increases the number of income earned and increase the opportunity costs (Cliff Notes, n. d. ). Supply and demand curves shift and intersect. Where they meet is current labor equilibrium. The labor equilibrium is where the demand for labor and the supply of labor are equal. Labor demand curve shifts with changes in booms, recessions, and productivity etc. Supply curve shifts with things such as increase in working population, decrease in non-work benefit etc. An increase in labor demand results in an increase in both the equilibrium wage and the equilibrium level of employment. A reduction in it results in a decrease in both the equilibrium wage and the equilibrium level of employment. An increase in labor supply whereas results in a lower equilibrium wage, but an increased equilibrium level of employment. Conversely, a reduction in labor supply results in a higher equilibrium wage but a lower equilibrium level of employment. How to cite Differentiating Between Market Structures, Papers Differentiating Between Market Structures Free Essays Kudler Fine Foods is an organization that offers gourmet foods and wines to the San Diego Metropolitan area. The organization currently has three locations (La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas). Kudler Fine Foods stocks its fresh bakery, fresh produce, fresh meats and seafood, condiments and packaged foods, and cheeses and specialty dairy departments with local and imported goods. We will write a custom essay sample on Differentiating Between Market Structures or any similar topic only for you Order Now Kudler Fine Foods’ motto is Shopping the World for the Finest Foods and its mission statement is Kudler Fine Foods is committed to providing our customers with the finest selection of the very best foods and wines so that your culinary visions can come true. Both Kudler’s motto and mission statement speak to the organizations passion of wanting to provide only the very best to their customers. In reviewing Kudler Fine Foods’ information, the organization appears to be competing quite well in the marketplace. The financials portion of Kudler’s strategic plan show the organization staying on the positive side of the profit margin despite only four months out of the year of above average sales. Also noted in the strategic plan are every store that in some way are similar to Kudler Fine Foods. These stores are more focused on supplying their customers with one or two services. Because Kudler Fine Foods carries a larger variety of items, these stores only pose a small threat, if any, to Kudler Fine Foods. Kudler Fine Foods does plan to close one of their current locations and open a store in another location but this is not because of competition, rather a smaller customer base. Kudler Fine Foods’ marketing overview shows an aggressive plan on how the organization will change certain aspects in different areas of the company. There is plan for a new frequent shopper program, which is nontraditional in a sense and will give customers rewards instead of discounted prices. Ideas on how to expand the organizations services to for its customers increase revenue as well as how to increase efficiency and cut costs for the company are also mentioned. The expansion of services will include offering parties in the store to teach the consumer on how to prepare properly gourmet dishes using items sold at the store locations. These sessions will be conducted be celebrity chef, food experts, and others. Merchandise selection and pricing is also addressed in the marketing overview. Providing total customer satisfaction by way of constantly introducing new food items is the focus on how to accomplish this task. The marketing surveys for Kudler Fine Foods shows an average of about 71% of customers shopping at the Kudler Fine Foods to be satisfied all around. However, the customer satisfaction rate did drop by 1. 02% from 2011 to 2012. Although a one percent drop in customer satisfaction is not largely significant, if the issues in which the drop is associated with are not addressed, Kudler Fine Foods can expect a bigger drop every year as customer find newer stores to shop at. Looking more closely at the surveys, they focused on the stores hours, atmosphere and decor, selection of products, whether the merchandise was a good value for the money, attractiveness on how the merchandise is displayed, satisfaction with the purchased merchandise, if the customer service representatives were courteous and knowledgeable, and the customers over-all satisfaction with the store. Although most of the areas the surveys touched on showed a customer satisfaction rate of 70% or more, there were a few areas that were at a satisfaction rate in the 60% range. However, the survey results do show one area in which the customers were more dissatisfied than satisfied in both 2011 and 2012. This area was whether the merchandise sold was a good value for the money. In 2011, 58. 22% of customers were dissatisfied in this area. That number went up to 58. 83% in 2012. Although not a large increase in percentage, this still does reflect the dissatisfaction rate in this area is climbing every year. Kudler Fine Foods organization appears to fall under the monopolistic competition market structure. First, in the strategic plan it states â€Å"Kathy Kudler is the vision behind the organization. She intends to grow and expand the business for 10 – 15 years, at which time she will reach retirement age. Her intent is to sell the entire organization at that time and no longer be involved in the operation†. This signifies that there is an easy entry and exit in this type of market, which is a feature of a monopolistic competition market structure. Second, in the Competitive Analysis section of the strategic plan it lists multiple stores in the same area as the Kudler Fine Foods location are and sell similar products. However, since the products being sold at these other stores are not exactly equal in brand and quality as what Kudler Fine Foods offers, this also points to the organization as being a monopolistic competition market structure. Although Kudler Fine Foods is defined as a monopolistic competition type market structure, it does not fully fall under the same set of rules that a full monopoly type organization has. For instance, Kudler Fine Foods can set prices for the products it sells because its competition only offers similar products rather than exact product. However, if Kudler Fine Foods sets its prices too high, its customers have the option to shop for similar products elsewhere where the price is more to their liking. Kudler Fine Foods must find the precise price where it can maximize profits but not run their supply to low where the run the risk of not being able to meet the customers’ demands. Once Kudler Fine Foods finds the correct equilibrium price, it can expect to see long-term profits. Some recommendations of competitive strategies for Kudler Fine Foods would be to continue to offer new products to their customers on a regular basis. Offering new products that competitors do not offer will ensure that Kudler Fine Foods controls that portion of the market. Another recommendation for Kudler Fine Foods would be to investigate and determine why eight months out of the year their profits are lower than the other four months. After concluding why this is, Kudler Fine Foods should proceed with a more aggressive ad campaign, initiate special product pricing, and any other strategies to increase their profits in these low performing months. A company comparable to Kudler Fine Foods would be Williams-Sonoma. With 252 locations that span 45 states, four provinces, and two countries, the Williams-Sonoma organization is enormously larger than Kudler Fine Foods, but offers the same type of products. These products range from organic and gourmet foods and wines and high quality and high priced utensils, cookware, bakeware, and many other items needed to produce a gourmet meal. How to cite Differentiating Between Market Structures, Papers

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Written by H.G. Wells, the story of The Time Machine Essay Example For Students

Written by H.G. Wells, the story of The Time Machine Essay Written by H. G. Wells, the story of The Time Machine is regarded by some as one of the greatest science fiction novels of all time. It puts forward many views on time travel, communism and other types of leadership which H. G. Wells felt strongly about, and also against. Herbert George Wells was born on September 21, 1866 in Kent, England. His father was a professional cricketer and shopkeeper, and his mother a former ladys maid. He took lots of short part-time jobs, including as a teaching assistant at a grammar school before going to college to study biology, where he graduated in 1888. He was influenced by a number of other writers at that time, notably Jules Verne, and he wrote his first novel The Time Machine, partly in response to the kind of writing Verne produced. The Time Machine was released as a book in 1895. This book was successful and ensured that he would not have to worry about the future. After this H. G. Wells wrote a number of other novels, with the most well known ones being, The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Invisible Man, and The War Between the Worlds. H. G. Wells is now sometimes named the father of modern science fiction. He died on the 13th August 1946, whilst working on a project that dealt with the dangers of nuclear war. The novel begins with the Time Traveller explaining his theories about the fourth dimension to a group of friends and associates gathered at his home for a weekly dinner. Most of the men present follow his explanations, agree in theory to most of his observations, but quickly become sceptical when the Time Traveller moves from speaking of the nature of time, to the possibility of moving within it. Their disbelief only increases when the Time Traveller offers to supply evidence to support his theories, bringing a small model into the smoking room. Made of metal, ivory and quartz, the machine, as the Time Traveller explains, is a replica of a full sized machine that he has built in his laboratory, and on which he plans to explore time. With his guests watching, he demonstrates the use of the machine, pushing a lever, which causes the model to disappear, into the future, the Time Traveller claims. Most of the men are initially disturbed by the presentation, not quite sure what to think, but most come to believe that the Time Traveller has been playing a trick on them, and easily dismiss his assertion that he plans to explore time within the next week. The following Thursday, another group of men gather at the Time Travellers house, and find that the host is not at home, but has left a note asking them to start without him. They do so, entertaining themselves with guesses as to why the narrator is not present, when their host enters, dishevelled, dirty, and limping. The Time Traveller returns after washing and changing clothes, to tell the story of his morning, in which he travelled eight days. After dinner, the men gather around him to hear the uninterrupted story. The Time Traveller then tells them that this very morning his machine was finished, and he soon departs into the future. He explains that at first he could only pay attention to the sensation of time travelling, which makes him feel queasy. Once he regains his full sentences, he begins to be able to observe more fully the speed at which he is travelling, as well as the world as time passes. He watches the swiftly changing scenery and then decides to stop to see what the future holds. His stop is sudden, throwing him from the machine into the grass. He finds he Is in the same location as his laboratory, but in the year 802701. He first encounters the Eloi, who approach him soon after his arrival, leading him into a large structure in which they eat and sleep. The Time Traveller takes part in a fruit feast with the Eloi, and explores the area around the structure, observing and making judgements about the nature of the future, which quickly are shown to be incorrect. When he is in the field next, he realizes that his machine has been moved; to where, he cannot fathom. In the next few days, the Time Traveller continues to explore the area, and in the process befriends one particular Eloi named Weena, who he saves from drowning. The Time Traveller, who normally sleeps outside, eventually meets the Morlocks, the other species who inhabit the planet in 802701. He descends down a well to the underground lair where the Morlocks lived, and fought his way back to his time machine using a metal bar and some matches. After a big struggle he finally sends himself away, but mistakenly starts going forwards to time. After millions of years he sees that the moon has disappeared, the earth has stopped rotating, and the sun just bobbed on the horizon. After being attacked by a crab-like creature he went forward again until he saw the earth grow cold and dark, with a frightening eclipse of the sun, and the last remnants of life. Inspector Goole Essay ThesisThe Time Machine was one of his earliest novels and when first written was called a scientific romance, rather than Science Fiction. Interestingly enough, a book has been written by Ronald Wright, called A Scientific Romance, which is a modern novel detailing what happened when the time machine returned to London. After Wells had witnessed the first world war he proceeded to write more non-fiction books, and undoubtedly told people that war was wrong: The professional military mind is by necessity an inferior and unimaginative mind; no man of high intellectual quality would willingly imprison his gifts in such calling. from The Outline of History 1920 He went on in that book to give profoundly pessimistic views about mankinds future prospects, as he did in his earlier novel, The Time Machine where he went forward until the world was nothing but a shocking wasteland with barely anything left living. Wells felt that writing so convincingly about it might make people actually think about what they were doing to ruin the planet. Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe. The Outline of History 1920 Wells passionate concern for society led Wells to join the socialist Fabian Society in London. The Fabian Society was an intellectual movement concerned with the research, discussion, and publication of socialist ideas. The Fabians believed that social reform could be achieved by a new political approach of gradual and patient argument, permeating their ideas into the circles of those with power; they aimed for democratic socialism throughout London. Wells was a member of this group for a few years before he had a falling out with the leaders of the party and left. This certainly tells us a lot about Wells political views and helps you understand more closely the remarks and points he has put in the Time Machine novel. It has also been said that Wells was a supporter of communism which explains why he had these views against capitalism and class division. He has also been recorded to have had some conversations with Lenin and Stalin aprÃÆ'Â ¨s the Russian Revolution to further this idea. The main political theme in the Time Machine is that capitalism is dangerous, and harmful to the workers, the connection Is that the Eloi are the lazy upper class supposedly unintelligent people from 19th century London, whilst The Morlocks are the working class. The point Wells tries to make is that for people to be rich and powerful, others have to be suffering for this to happen, an example in modern day society are big sports brands like Nike or Adidas, who are multi-million pound companies, but the people who suffer for their wealth are the poor people who make their goods for nothing in third world countries. The second theme in the story was that unlike some contemporary thought, humankind will not continue to develop forever, and there will be a time when backwards steps will be made. Wells changed this idea that the world would continue to improve and science would always get more advanced, with the idea that war could leave two very basic groups of people who were very uncivilised as the only people left on the earth. Wells tried to make people realise that if you all live too easily you will turn in to Eloi and sit and do nothing all day, and that Morlocks are a result of Capitalism gone mad, with the lower class rebelling against the upper classes to result in chaotic circumstances. Of course he made this clear that these changes would not happen immediately, but over long periods of time, and he tried to warn people that if nothing is done about it now then terrible things could happen in the future. In conclusion, the Time Machine by H. G. Wells was a very successful book that has been made into two films and has had numerous attempts to continue the story where Wells left off. It was meant to tell an interesting story but also to put forward views about capitalism and evolution. Even though Wells didnt use the most flowing and spectacular language, and used very scientific and dispassionate language, this didnt halt the success of the book. The main key ideas in the book are, is Capitalism dangerous? Could Communism solve societies problems? Will all the hard work that has been put in to make the world such an advanced place be wasted in the future? Are complex theories such as Time Travel possible? This book has made scholars and philosophers think about these ideas and many books regarding time travel e. g. Back to the Future, communism and capitalism e. g. Animal Farm, and evolution e. g. Planet of the Apes have been written and made into films because of H. G. Wells and his incredible imagination and view of the world.

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The Dead and Dulce et Decorum Est Compare two First World War poems Essay Example

The Dead and Dulce et Decorum Est Compare two First World War poems Essay This essay is based on two poems which were written in the First World War. One poem was written by Rupert Brookes which is The Dead and the other was written by Wilfred Owenss which is Dulce ET Decorum Est. This essay will include a descriptive comparison between these two poems I will also be looking at the language both poets use and the effects it has on the reader. Rupert Brooke wrote his poem at the start of the war, it was written as a piece of propaganda, basically trying to encourage young men to join up and fight as he claims it is honourable to die for your country.Whereas, Wilfred Owenss poem was written towards the end of the war. Owen had fought in the war himself, he was diagnosed as suffering from shell-shock, he then arrived at craiglockland hospital, it was here where he wrote Dulce ET Decorum Est .Owen reveals in his poem how it is not honourable to risk your life and die for your country. The two poets clash and show us two different attitudes toward war, and also toward dying for ones country. Both poets use strong similes and metaphors to prove their points about the war.Firstly in Rupert Brooke poem he says,but dying has made us rarer gifts then goldHere he has used a strong simile because the soldiers are not literally gold. This quote also shows that they are lucky to be in the war, which gives them the chance to die for their country. However Owen claims the opposite, he states,Bent double like old beggarsA simile which means war is horrific and that killing other soldiers is a waste and they look like old beggars. Brooke says in this poem,Nobleness walks in our ways again; and we have come into our heritageThis metaphor is telling us that being noble gives you greatness and dignity and that this walks in their ways again and they can also now feel the heritage inside them. This confirms that dying for your country is a right thing to do.However Owen says,in all my dreams before my helpless sightHere Owen is using a simile, he is showi ng us that he cant look away in his dreams and he cant turn from them too, he sees it all in his dreams and Owen completely believes dying for your country is no good.Brooke saysTheir sons, they gave immortality as you can see Brooke is using a metaphor here, they dont literally live forever, in fact they are remembered forever. They gave their immortality and Brooke is saying giving up your life is not a big dealIn comparison Owen saysobscene as cancer, bitter as the cud of vileHere Owen says war is like cancer it spreads and kills slowly.Brooke champions the idea of the war cause for glory in his attempt to lure.blow out, you bugles over the rich dead!This statement sounds like a triumphant call to role similar to that of the pied piper of Hamlin leading young children away. The fact that the word Dead is in capitals is significant because it suggest that if soldiers should die in the battle they will take on an almost holy quality.Owen on the other hand writes his poem in the lig ht of battle experience and is keen to discourage young men or as he thinks of them, children from going into battle. Owen writes in his poem,knocked-kneed coughing like hagsThis powerful simile emphasises the fact that the war has aged the men prematurely and robbed them of their youth. Owen says dying for your country is incurable and no point of ricking your life just for war.Again Brooke uses a strong metaphor by saying,Sweet wine of youth; gave up the years to beMeaning their blood is precious, like sweet wine because the soldiers have been buried for years and their blood is rich just like rich wine when it has been left for years. They are more than humans. Blood of Christ is wine, like the dead soldiers blood. They have died young and have lost their young and happy years. In this quote he claims dying young is goodbecause your blood will be rich and precious. Brooke writes more by saying,of work and joy, and that unhoped serene here he is saying that they worked, had a laug h and unluckily there was neither peace nor calm. Brooke also claims unhoped serene he uses personification meaning when you give human qualities but not human basically just an image eg. The door yawned, a door cant yawn it is just a human quality.In contrast of these two quotes Owen says,his hanging face, like a devil sick of sinBoth a metaphor and a simile are being pictured into your head with. Hes not really a devil but he looks like a devil that has been hung up and being punished because of all the bad things that he had done in life. Owen is easily frightening the reader about war with this quote.The dead that was written by Rupert Brooke as the First World War began ,has exactly proved to the reader that they should die for their country, because he says that your blood will be precious and even though you might not live forever you will be remembered forever. Brooke uses many points to attract people to die for their country. However, the other poet Wilfred Owen who wrote the poem named Dulce ET Decorum Est who himself fought in the war wrote his poem toward the end of the war, in his poem he tells us sum facts about how the war is and that theres no point of dying for your country. One out of all the quotes in Owens poem that I believe will get the reader attention is the quote, in which he claims, his hanging face, like a devil sick of sin the reason I believe this, is because this quote makes people frightened about war as he is relating someones face to a devil sick of sin, also in my opinion I think this quote is very powerful and makes Owens poem a coincidence.